Maximizing Click-Through-Rates for Your PPC Campaign

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Why Do Click-Through-Rates Matter?

Because they can lead to better ad placement and lower cost per lead! 

Click-through-rate (CTR) represents the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times an ad is seen. (In industry jargon, the total number of times an ad is seen is called total ad “impressions.”). CTR is a major factor in determining ad rank, which in turn determines where your ad is placed on the page and what that placement will cost. Higher CTR in the account history shows Google that more people click on your ads. Since Google only gets paid if someone clicks on your ad, a higher CTR shows Google that they are more likely to get paid. Therefore, Google will give companies with higher CTR’s preferable ad placement and lower rates knowing that they will more than make up for the difference in volume.

What can a client gather from attaining a high Click-Through Rate?

High click-through-rate demonstrates that MyAdvice is placing better targeted ads that are catered to a more relevant audience. This results in more prospective patients visiting your website, along with a lower cost per lead for the client because Google rewards high CTR with better ad placement and lower cost per click.

How Does MyAdvice Generate High CTR’s?

All ads undergo A|B split-testing, optimization, and quality control for relevant traffic via Google’s Search Query Report and negative keyword optimizations. While this may sound simple, it’s not. We constantly test tiny elements against each other; colors, bolded text, titles, ad copy, etc. all have to be tested independently and results analyzed. The process is one of continuous improvement and results in very high performing ads over time, thus increasing a high CTR.

MyAdvice Increased Our Click-Through-Rate by 20% Since September!

In the past, Google has reported that a solid click-through-rate is 1%. For the past two months, MyAdvice has gone above and beyond by exceeding 1% in overall CTR and achieving a whopping 20% increase in CTR with consistent improvement over the last three months.

Our Digital Marketing team has been doing extensive A|B split-testing and other optimization work to achieve this result. What we learn on one account, we test on other accounts. This process of testing and constantly improving has raised our performance to a level that is 12% over what Google considers exceptional. The program has resulted in an impressive 9.7% increase in CTR from September to October and an additional 9.8% increase from October to November. That’s performance you can take to the bank!


CTR - PPC for medical marketing

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