How to Spread Your Practice’s Unique Message

After setting up a blog and social media accounts, many physicians find that they’re not quite sure what to write about.

They worry that the topics related to their practice may seem bland, uninteresting or are just not likely to be shared by other users on social media.

Don’t shy away from blogging about your practice because you’re worried about how “sharable” a post will be you’d be surprised at what catches the public’s attention. If your practice’s specialty, services or procedures aren’t something that you can see many online visitors discussing and commenting on, it’s time to embrace your brand from a new perspective.

Take, for example, Caleb Wilde, who owns a Victorian-style funeral home in Parkesburg, Pa. Wilde, 32, is a sixth-generation mortician, and decided to follow in his family’s footsteps after first working as a missionary in Madagascar. His chosen profession doesn’t exactly seem like a topic that’s very social media-friendly, as most people are averse to talking about death, funerals and caskets.

However, the young funeral director wasn’t reluctant about building his business’ online presence. Along with his official website, Wilde is very active on his blog, along with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

His blog, “Confessions of a Funeral Director“, which he started last year, now draws 600,000 to 1 million hits a week. Wilde takes both a heartfelt and lighthearted approach to posting about his work. His blog topic titles include “Ten Reasons I’m a Funeral Director”, “Green Burials Through the Artistic Eyes of a 15 Year Old” and “A Real Life Funeral Crasher.”

He updates his Twitter account, which has more than 18,000 followers, several times a day, tweeting mostly humorous but also insightful and enlightening snippets that are relevant to his business. He cites wanting to start a conversation about death as his motivation behind blogging and being active on social media.

If Wilde can turn such universally avoided topic as funerals and burials into wildly popular, shared and retweeted posts, what can you do to highlight the unique and interesting aspects of your practice?

What do you want to start a conversation about on social media? Let us know here.


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