7 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Web Design Company for your Healthcare Practice

Patients are more likely than ever to turn to the Internet to find healthcare providers. Ask yourself these questions: Does your website captivate patients enough to contact your practice over hundreds of others in your area? Does your website provide patients with a clear path to the information they’re looking for?

Whether you’re looking to launch your practice on the web or redesign your existing site for greater reach and appeal, choosing the right web design company is the first and most important step.

Consider these important factors when choosing a web design company:


    1. Experience in your field- It’s important to choose a company that has previous experience in your field. Your patients are looking for detailed, accurate information about the procedures you provide and conditions you treat. A company that understands the unique aspects of your specialty is more likely to build your practice a high-quality web presence.
    2. A robust portfolio- Go with a web design company that is proud to show you their previous work. Sharing a portfolio demonstrates pride in their work and confidence in their success.
    3. Lets you work directly with designers- During the web design process, it’s important that the people creating your site understand exactly what you’re looking for. Working directly with designers ensures your expectations are met and exceeded!
    4. Keeps your practice goals a top priority- The company you’re working with should ask what your practice goals are for your website. Perhaps you want to reach more patients in your area, to promote a new teeth whitening technique or to sell a skincare product. Your website should reflect what you expect to accomplish.
    5. Offers other services to make your site more visible- Having a beautiful site is only the first step to online success. Choose a company that not only understands how to design a visually appealing site, but how to market your site to your potential patients.
    6. Stable company- Choose a company with staying power. Working with a company with years of proven success is important to the growing success of your website.
    7. Grants you access to make edits and updates- New web design and development techniques make it easier than ever to edit websites. This is a huge advantage when you need to make minor tweaks to your site right away.

Looking for a website that delivers patients?

At MedNet we provide all of the above and much more. We understand what patients look for in a website and strive to accomplish your practice’s goals. Contact us today for a free website consultation!

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