Ways to Engage Your Clients via Social Media

Your practice now has its social media accounts set up, you’re making frequent updates and the number of fans and followers is on the rise. How can you keep up that momentum and make sure that that number continues to grow?

Engaging with your clients, whether it’s via your Facebook or Google+ account, will keep them interested in your practice. Here are four easy tips for how to get more likes, comments and shares on your social media content.

1 – Do you have a special running this week? Post about it! Highlight the week’s (or month’s) promotions and encourage your fans to share the post with those who may benefit from the discount or offer.

2 – Provide a look inside your practice. Similar to the way you have that standard “office tour” on your practice’s website and a “meet the staff” section, your practice’s social media accounts should offer a peek behind the curtain at what goes on at your practice. Post photos of your employees meeting with customers, or new changes and improvements made to the office, such as the addition of new equipment.

3 Use a personal — and personable — tone in your social media posts, one that is professional but also encourages users to leave their thoughts and opinions on your wall. If you mention your practice’s latest blog post on your Google+ account, invite users to click on the link and leave a comment regarding their opinion on the subject. End social media posts with the friendly suggestion to “tell me what you think.”

You can also make posts more fun for the reader by asking followers to “like” a post if they want you to write more about that topic and to “share” it if they agree with the post. If your post is discussing two subjects, such as one medical procedure vs. another, end the post encouraging users to comment by asking, “Do you like X or Y better?”

4 With the holidays fast approaching, it’s a great time to have a fun online giveaway. For example, you can ask a seasonal question on Facebook (such as, “what’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?” or put a spin on the question to make it relevant to your practice. For example, if you’re a cardiologist, you can ask, “What’s your favorite heart-healthy Thanksgiving dish?” and encourage users to leave their reply in the comments section, then award a prize to your favorite answer.

MyAdvice Has a Dedicated Social Media Department

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