Social MD: The Many Benefits of Having a Social Media Page

Using social media to interact with patients will certainly drive traffic to your site, but have you ever thought about how social media can help your patients?

Here are a few examples of ways doctors and hospitals can use social media to engage, inspire and even motivate patients.

  • Engage: Mayo Clinic engaged a number of patients in a groundbreaking research project regarding the rare heart disease spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD). Because of the rarity of the disease research in large numbers was difficult until the doctors used social media as a way to contact and connect with diagnosed and potential sufferers—culling the largest study to date for SCAD.
  • Inspire: Boston’s Children’s Hospital has an active Facebook page that is, in and of itself, inspiring. With regular posts that call out the hospital’s accomplishments, highlights donation opportunities and even shares success stories of former patients (with their consent) .
  • Motivate: Use your social media page or newsfeed to motivate patients to make, or keep appointments, disseminate information or send messages of positive reinforcement.  One doctor, a bariatric surgeon, uses his Facebook page and Twitter feed to send out messages like “you’re closer today than you were yesterday to your goal weight, keep up the good work!”

No matter what your message is, social media is a great way to keep your practice fresh in your patient’s consciousness or at the very least in their newsfeed.

MyAdvice Has a Dedicated Social Media Department

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