Tweeting Images is a Social Media Requirement

When Twitter first became a popular social media site, it did not allow users to upload photos. Now, in the ever-changing face of social media advancements, Twitter has an image generator that allows users to share photos in tweets that users can access without ever having to leave their own feed. Adding photos to tweets greatly influences what users do and do not read. There’s a saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which is exactly why tweeting pics is so valuable. Since there is a short character limit for tweets, posts that require a lengthier explanation can be supported by a photo!

Here’s what you need to know about tweeting photos:

  1. Photos that are uploaded from a secondary site and shared through your Twitter account will not be featured in the feed. The photos will still be shared but only in link form. In order for photos to appear in preview format on the site, they must be uploaded through Twitter’s image generator.
  2. Using photos in every single Tweet may be excessive and look like you’re spamming. Adding a photo to every second or third tweet will be effective without over-loading your followers’ feeds.
  3. Only share original photos or photos you have the rights to! Sharing content and photos that aren’t attributed to their source without permission can land small businesses in a heap of legal trouble.
  4. Share appropriate photos! Photos of your staff, office, new equipment, community events your practice has participated in, screenshots of media appearances accompanied by a link to the media outlet you are being featured in, infographics, charts and awards/certificates are great photos to share.
  5. Use applicable trending hashtags to make sure that your photos are seen by a wider audience! For example, when sharing staff photos use #employeespotlight. This hashtag is used by many small businesses posting praise about their staffers!
  6. Tweeting pics is a great way to increase your online visibility while fostering deeper relationships with followers who are existing or potential patients.
  7. Do not  post a pic of a patient without his or her permission, its better to stay away from this practice all together.

Tweeting photos are essentially a social media requirement if you want your tweets to gain attention. Capture your audience with interesting, well-thought, original tweets and photographs.

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