Social Media Terms You Need to Know

Social media plays an important part in marketing, now more than ever before. Your medical practices can reap the benefits of having an effective social media presence. When creating your web presence via social media remember some of these social media tips and terms.

Here are the Top 10 Social Media Terms You Need To Know:

  1. Tweets. Tweets are short messages sent out through the microblogging website, Twitter. Usually, these messages are limited to 140 characters. While it can be challenging to compose effective marketing messages in 140 characters, sending out links and bite-sized tidbits to your audience is a great way to share knowledge and information.
  2. Hashtag. The hashtag is the number or pound sign–putting that sign in front of a word or phrase groups the topic into identical searchable trends. For example this post could be tagged #socialmediaterms, then someone looking for information on social media terms would be able to find other content with similar information.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the optimization of your website’s content so that it is the most search friendly it can be. This in turn allows search engines to organize sites according to the most relevant search terms.
  4. Retweet. This is when another Twitter user shares something that you wrote on Twitter.
  5. Trending. “Trending” means a word or topic that is popular at the moment. A number of users are talking about the topic at that time. For example, a trending topic could be Healthcare Reform, or a celebrity in the news.
  6. Followers. People who follow your social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook can see the updates you post.
  7. Engage. If you are communicating effectively with your patients on social media, you are “engaging” with them.
  8. Share. When you find a post, status, video, or photo interesting or you think your followers would benefit from it you can “share” that item with your own followers and fans.
  9. Viral. This refers to any kind of content that is shared rapidly across social media networks, including Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Most commonly, “viral” refers to online videos.
  10. Circles. Circles are a feature completely unique to Google+, which is quickly becoming a popular social media option for doctors. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Google+ Circles allow you to post content selectively, so that not everything is shared with all of your followers.

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