Twitter Jargon for Beginners

For some, it seems that social media platforms should come with a user’s manual. One of the most popular and effective social media platforms, Twitter, can also be one of the most intimidating for someone just starting out with social media marketing (SEM). Once you know how to use it effectively to market your medical practice, it is actually easier than you’d expect. The first step to going pro on Twitter is to understand the Twitter jargon. To follow are Twitter terms, defined.

  • Tweet- This is anything you write and publish from your profile. Posting a tweet is similar to posting a status on Facebook except on Twitter it is limited to 140 characters (that includes spaces and punctuation).
  • Retweet- Retweets are when someone republishes one of your tweets. Retweets are great because your post will reach a greater audience. Retweets are also a form of endorsement, or acknowledging that someone else agrees with your tweet.
  • Trending Topics (TT)– Are visible on the left hand side of your Twitter feed. You can have TT set to any location.
  • Favorite– When someone favorite’s a Tweet of yours it is an ackowledgement, or a theoretical “high 5.” This means someone liked what you had to say.
  • Direct Message (DM)– is for exchanging private information between followers. DMs will not be published to your wall.
  • Handle– is the word used to describe your user name. It is always prefaced with the “@” symbol, for example, @Advice_Media
  • Followers/Following– Followers are the Twitter users that are subscribed to your page and will all of your tweets. Following refers to the users you are subscribed to, and you will see all of their tweets in your feed.
  • Hashtags– are keyword search topics that are prefaced with a “#” symbol. For example, #socialmediamarketing would bring up any tweets related to the topic.

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