This week, Twitter launched a helpful new feature in its photo posting options. Now, users can post a collage of up to four photos in one tweet which can be a useful visual tool when you have to cram insightful information about your practice into a 140 character-length tweet.

Previously, Twitter only allowed users to attach one photo to each tweet. With the new feature, they can combine up to four photos into one square image and attach it to their tweet.

To use the new collage option, log into the Twitter app on your smartphone and go to compose a tweet, same as you would have before. Then, select the photo icon, which will access your phone’s photo gallery. Whereas previously, you could only select one photo before you would be prompted to edit, crop or add a filter, Twitter will now let you choose more photos.

As you scroll through your gallery selecting photos, Twitter will assign a number next to each picked photo to let you know and keep track of what order the photos will appear in on your collage. You also have the option of selecting the camera icon if you want to take photos right now and feature them in your collage.

Once you’ve selected or taken two, three or four photos, you can write a short description and voilà! Your collage is all set to be sent out into the tweetosphere.

Below is an example of how a tweet with the new Twitter collage feature looks. It showcases some of our clients’ recently launched sites, all of which were created by our design team. Follow MyAdvice on Twitter at @Advice_Media to see more examples of the sites we’ve designed and learn more about our services!


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