Content and Your Medical Practice

Each year, the practice of using social media marketing changes and evolves. Still, the main purpose of social media always remains the same: to be social and proactive in promoting your name and your medical business.

This means sharing relevant information with others, as well as relying on your existing patient base to help spread the word about your practice. Social media channels, including Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, are still considered the best way of engaging with people in your area who will benefit from your practice.

While social media is great for business, it is nothing without useful content. Here are some content-related things to consider as you use social media:

  • Visual content. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is especially true among online users today, especially with the growing popularity of photo-centric websites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Generally speaking, human beings are visual creatures who will respond more to aesthetically pleasing or interesting images  than to the written word. Best of all, photos shared on either of these websites have a better chance of being shared among other online users! Simply posting several images a week on either of these websites will likely cause positive changes for your practice. Since visual content websites are expected to continually grow in popularity, there is no better time to start sharing photos of your practice on the web.
  • Social media content for mobile devices. Most marketing experts agree that in the not-so-distant future, mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage in popularity. In fact, many believe it’s already happening! So it’s important not to fall behind. Make sure that all of your practice’s  social media content (including any videos and images) can be viewed on any mobile device. While you don’t necessarily need to create a separate mobile website for your practice, it’s important in this day and age for your business to have some kind of “mobilized” presence that is both functional and user-friendly. Much like visual content websites, mobile marketing is expected to substantially  increase in the future.

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