How To Make The Most Of Social Media

Despite the pervasiveness of social media, the medical industry is far from embracing it. Doctors shy away from employing social media tools to forward their careers and expose their practices to new business. This is largely due to privacy and liability concerns. However, with a little effort it is possible to put these concerns aside and use social media to communicate effectively and profitably.

Social Media Strategy


  • Share what you know: As a doctor, share your knowledge and expertise on various pressing issues among your followers and peers. Take time to think about what you share and plan your content intelligently so that your followers find it useful and applicable to their lives. A great way to give voice to your opinions on social media platforms is to join relevant forums and join in the conversations. Also, creating your own posts can help discuss and highlight the areas of your expertise better.
  • Ask and learn: Participating in conversations and discussions, can help you connect with professionals across the world and learn about the innovations they have achieved and are pursuing. It is also important to have Q&A sessions with non-professionals to gauge what their opinions are and gain perspective from their feedback.
  • Speak with visuals: For many, medical jargon is difficult to comprehend. Sharing in medical terms will get you nowhere on social media. Therefore, to stay relevant and garner interest among your followers, keep your posts simple and ensure that you put forward your opinion in the simplest of words. To increase engagement, add images wherever you can so that your content appears dynamic and relatable.
  • Keep it real: As a social media participant, you will notice that there is a lot of false and misguided information floating around. Do your best to share information that is accurate and grounded in scie

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