What’s Engagement, Really?

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If you subscribe to social media services with MyAdvice, you’ve certainly heard us talk about engagement with your customers. But what does it really mean?

Social marketing is driven largely by engagement. Traditional forms of marketing lack a means to communicate with your customer immediately following your print ad or commercial placement. But social media platforms provide a forum for your patients to like, comment, or share.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of online engagement. Our Digital Marketing team has two of them covered for you! And while the third engagement method may be executed best by your practice, we’re here to help you understand the best ways to engage with your patients online.

Content, Brand, & Direct Engagement

Content engagement is the easiest way for patients to connect with your business. With the content already provided on your social media page or website, users can like, comment, or share upon consuming your message. This type of engagement indicates that users are interested in the products, services, or stories made available in your content.

MyAdvice focuses on posting content that caters well to customer engagement.

Brand engagement requires a bit more effort for from your customer. Your practice (often via your online presence) cultivates a conversation regarding your medical specialty. When patients choose to comment on a topic about your practice independent of your posts, this is categorized as brand engagement. And it shows that users think of your brand in relation to the topics in which they’re interested.

MyAdvice focuses on establishing your practice as a leader in your field through social marketing.

Direct engagement is best executed from inside your practice as personal responses should be almost immediate. Implementing direct engagement refers to a one-on-one conversation originating with content engagement followed by a response from your practice. The interaction allows patients to view your business as more human, not solely as a business. Consequently, they’ll be more inclined to purchase your products or services if they feel connected.

The bottom line is that ANY engagement is GREAT engagement. Now that you have a better understanding of what engagement really means, you’ll know how to help boost it using social marketing for your practice.

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