Why A Strong Online Reputation Has Become Important for Doctors

It is vital for a business to have a good reputation. Customers prefer transactions with a business having a good reputation, even with differences in pricing for the same services offered by the business’ competitors. However today, reputation is almost synonymous with a company’s online reputation. Whenever someone requires a service, they go online, and after conducting multiple searches, they select a business. What does this depend on? It depends on both search rankings and reviews. In other words, it relies on online reputation. Clearly, it is not something to be neglected as it affects every business, even medical practices.

Managing Your Online Reputation

  • List your practice on appropriate sites. There are a number of sites available where you can list your practice. You should, first, obtain a Google+ page. Then, list your practice in sites catering to your geographical area and your particular niche. Also, list your practice on general review sites like Yelp as well as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Obtain reviews. Ask your patients to leave reviews for your service. You should inform them of their various choices. You can make it easier by put up links to various review sites on your website itself. You can also direct patients to your social media accounts.
  • Reply to reviews. It is not enough to get reviews, you should also reply to them. Just a thank you reply for good reviews will suffice. For negative ones, you have to do more. You should try to get the reviewer to convert his/her review to a positive one. Contact them and find out if you can help them in any way.
  • Implement SEO practices. Search rankings play as important a role as reviews when it comes to your practice’s reputation. They are, in fact, interconnected. It is not good to neglect either of them. Implementing good SEO techniques will help your site, and your practice in turn by making it more visible online. It will allow you to draw in more patients and get more reviews that can improve your reputation.

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