The New Streamlined Facebook Design for Businesses

Recently, Facebook has changed its perspective for businesses. Facebook understands the great deal of success it can bring to businesses with its new streamlined design. The new design makes it easier for existing and future patients to find the important information they need when looking for a practice. Here are some of the new changes to help you navigate your way.

  • All of the posts on your page will appear on the right side column. This makes it easier to keep track of information available on your timeline.
  • Features and information about your business will appear on the left. Users can customize information available on their page. Some information many users include are maps, business hours, telephone and fax numbers, website links, photos and videos.The most information, the better!
  • An additional feature known as the This Week section shows details such as the amount of advertisements running on the page, page likes, number of views  and unread notifications. This feature makes it easier to keep track of your social media presence on Facebook.
  • The Build Audience tab gives direct access to an Ad Manager account. New advertisements can generate a larger Facebook audience.
  • New tabs such as Pages to Watch and Page Insight allow businesses to compare their Facebook activity against other businesses in the same field. Under this new feature, users can create a list of other pages similar to their own business and compare social media performances. Under Posts users are able to see the most popular posts of the week from competitors.

The new user-friendly design allows users to customize their own layout. Important features can be moved anywhere within the layout for easier access. The combination of the new aesthetically pleasing design and useful features proves to be a valuable change on Facebook’s part for the ever-changing face of businesses across social media.

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