Social Media Strategies: Maintaining Your Momentum

If there’s one thing that matters in Social Media Marketing, it’s momentum – that is, posting quality content on a consistent basis. So, why is this important? Unlike other marketing channels, you can think of Social Media as essentially a conversation. It’s a dialogue between you and your patients and an opportunity to engage potential clients before they ever set foot in your office.

The problem is, today’s Social Media users have become inundated with choice. If they’re not getting the information and experience they’re looking for in one place, they’ll simply move on and seek it out somewhere else. So, to help ensure that your Social Pages don’t lose steam, we thought we would offer a few of our favorite tips!

Here are 3 Tips to Maintain Your Social Media Momentum:

    1. Don’t Treat Social Network Pages as Billboards. If you’re posting advertisement after advertisement to your Facebook and Twitter pages, you can’t expect any meaningful response from your fans and followers. Instead, try to post conversation starters, questions, “behind the scenes” photos and other useful medical information. This is a great way to get patients involved and keep them coming back to your Social Networks.

Scheduling a post is simple. Simply write your content, click the small clock icon in the lower left-hand corner and input a date. Click the blue Schedule button and you’re done!

  1. Stay Consistent with Scheduled Posts. Users like to know that every time they visit your Facebook and Twitter, there will be new, interesting content waiting for them. So, if you’re someone who posts once or twice a month, don’t be surprised if your Social Media numbers don’t pick up! Thankfully, Facebook’s Schedule Posts feature allows you to post consistently, even if you’re strapped for time. Take a day to write several posts in advance and schedule them to go live on a day and time of your choosing.
  2. Be Diligent in Responding to Comments. If a user posts a comment or question to your page, be sure to respond diligently. This tells your followers that you are accessible and that you have a personal stake in their well-being. If a patient asks a sensitive or personal question, advise them to send you a private message for more information. Remember that anything you post to your page should be considered public!

Medical Social Media Management

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