Maximizing Your Waiting Room Potential

When folks visit a practice, where do they spend most of their time? More often than not, it’s the waiting room. In fact, according to a recent article from the Huffington Post, “Nationwide, patients spend an average of 21 minutes tapping their toes and flipping through old magazines as they wait to see their docs, according to a recent analysis of data from over 700,000 physicians’ offices.” An oft-missed opportunity to connect with patients and their loved ones, take a moment to ask yourself this important question: “What am I doing to engage patients while they wait?”


In need of inspiration? Here are 3 Ways to Boost Patient Engagement in Your Waiting Room:

  1. Add a social media kiosk. While you should always encourage patients to check out your social networks at home, adding a social media station to your waiting room can make a world of difference. No need for anything fancy – a basic laptop or iPad will certainly do the trick. When patients arrive, encourage them to “like” your page on Facebook or “follow” you on Twitter. Not only does this grow your base, but likes and follows serve as instant word-of-mouth advertising. So, don’t be surprised if you see a few of your patients’ friends walking through your doors!
  2. Display an email opt-in list. Email marketing is still a great way to keep your patients thinking about – and talking about – your practice. And, the easiest way to build your list of contacts is to keep a simple opt-in form on your reception desk. When patients arrive, encourage them to join your online mailing list, leaving their name and email addresses. And, when you send out your monthly or weekly email, make sure to include links to your website and social networks.
  3. Give them something to look at. Whether you’re advertising your website, promoting your blog or encouraging patients to check out your social network pages, waiting room literature is a great way to make sure your patients are thinking about your practice long after they leave your office. Think about printing up some inexpensive postcards, flyers or brochures.

Let Us Help You Connect With More Patients!

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