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SEO Tips for a Doctor | Doctor SEO MarketingIn today’s competitive healthcare field, every practice looks for ways to stand out. One of the best ways for a doctor to make his or her practice stand out is to have an effective online marketing plan. An effective online marketing plan should always include Search Engine Optimization (better known as “SEO”).

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While SEO can often be a difficult process to master, here are some tips to help doctors build an effective SEO plan:

Doctor SEO Marketing Tips

  1. Stay local. For most physicians, good SEO means staying local. Unless you want to encourage medical tourism, focus your efforts on reaching patients in your local area. Many doctors make the mistake of trying to reach patients who will have to travel to their practice, but when you have potential patients in your nearby area, there is no need to make patients travel a long way to find you. Instead, optimize your website using the name of your region and/or city. Also, ensure you are listed in local directories so potential patients can easily find your practice’s information.
  2. Review your site content, page by page. The world of SEO is highly influenced by the message you send out to patients, making your website’s content unique, relevant, and informative to your patients is the best practice for improving your website’s rankings. It is always a good idea to review your website thoroughly, in order to be certain that your site contains no duplicate pages or content. Having duplicate pages or content can cause issues with your search engine results.  Google Analytics is an effective and useful tool that doctors can use to track the success of their own website. Google Analytics tracks how many visitors a specific website receives, and also tracks what areas of a site receive the most hits, so doctors will truly know what works for their website- and what doesn’t.
  3. Blogs are effective tools for content generation. Since the field of healthcare is constantly changing, doctors need to provide patients with useful resources and informative materials. For nearly every health condition, the patient will have questions about treatment options, medications, and diagnosis of the condition. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to provide patients with accessible, relevant, and recent high-quality information. Additionally, blogs are a great tool for SEO. Blogs keep your website fresh and up to date with the latest trends and establish you as an authority within your field. Having an effective blog will also increase visitation to the doctor’s website.
  4. Link Building is crucial to doctor SEO marketing. Link Building is the practice of building hyperlinks back to your website. This is crucial because this is a key signal to Google that your site has relevant and accurate information. There are many strategies to build links, but continue to think local, reach out to local papers, sponsor local events, and be sure to see where you or your practice may already be mentioned online and request a link back.

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