Why Video Is Important to Locally Targeted Internet Marketing

The Current State of Video on the Web

Video optimization is becoming more important as a mainstream aspect of search engine optimization. It can be a great way for you to expose your brand to users who may have otherwise not been familiar with your practice. With the launch of Universal Search from Google, you can expect to see more and more video results occupying the search engine results that are presented to potential patients.  Getting on board with this early can help you stand out amongst the competition and open up new avenues of exposure on the Internet.

Here are some common questions about MyAdvice’s Video SEO service and ways it can help you improve your website:


  • What are the benefits in terms of traffic, visibility, etc.?
  • What does MyAdvice do as part of their Video SEO service?
  • Why should I add video now? Why not wait?
  • What are the other benefits of video?
  • Is Video SEO Expensive?
  • What are the benefits in terms of traffic, visibility, etc.?

    • Enhanced listing in search results – Not only can videos show up as text links alongside other web results, they can also be embedded into the search results. This means there is an opportunity to have the actual video presented to the user as a result of their normal Google search. Additionally, a newly released feature from Google allows videos to be added to your Google Local listing, which helps you stand out in local and map searches.
    • Multiple listings for a given search – Having your site and multiple videos show up for the same search can allow you to potentially dominate the search results.
    • Additional sources of traffic & exposure – Submitting videos to portals like YouTube allow you additional exposure that you wouldn’t receive otherwise by not only allowing their visitors to view your video and see your message, but additionally linking to your web site to receive further information.

    What does MyAdvice do as part of their Video SEO service?

    1. Optimize your Video for Important Key Phrases – MyAdvice will optimize your video for terms users are likely to be searching for and tag your video with these terms. This follows the same strategy in place for your web site optimization.
    2. Upload Videos to Portal Sites like YouTube – The Visibility Services team will upload your video(s) to portals like YouTube and provide links back to related content and other videos on your site. These listings will be optimized to ensure visibility for relevant keywords and locations.
    3. Create a Video Sitemap – We make sure that users and search engine spiders can find your video content by creating a video sitemap on your site. This also reinforces the keyword strategy and tagging defined earlier.
    4. Add Video to your Google Local Listing – Our Visibility Specialists will modify your Google Local listing to include any and all videos that are currently being optimized on your site. This will help differentiate you from the competition in Google Local and Google Maps searches.

    Why should I add video now? Why not wait?

    Since Video and Universal Search is still a relatively new phenomenon, there is an unprecedented opportunity to be the first or one of the first in your market to have a video appear in relevant searches. As some of our long-time clients know, “time on the web” is a huge factor in achieving high rankings for web sites. You can be sure that this will be the same for video, so the sooner you get your videos indexed by the engines, the better chance you will have of establishing good placement on solid footing.

    What are the other benefits of video?

    Posting a video is another great way to both attract and upsell patients.

    • Dynamic Presentation – They provide an unbeatable introduction to who you are and what you do. Add life to your website by inserting video amongst the static text!
    • Establish a “Comfort Level” with a Prospective Patient – When a potential patient views a video on your website, it helps them establish a personal connection with you and your practice without ever even meeting you. This helps you establish credibility and makes it easier for you to gain that potential patient’s trust.
    • Enhances User Experience – Videos are proven to dramatically increase the average time a user spends on a given web site. The longer you have a captive audience, the better chance you have of them becoming a patient.

    Is Video SEO Expensive?

    No, it is actually quite affordable! After a small initial setup fee, the monthly Video SEO fee is only 10% of your current market SEO prices. It is a small investment to ensure you are staying ahead of the competition in your market and delivering the most powerful message possible to potential patients.

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