How your Practice can Benefit from Establishing Google Authorship

You may have noticed that some search results on Google now contain photos. This photo, typically a headshot, is the claimed “author” of that page, article or website. Establishing Google Authorship can be very beneficial to your online presence and can be done by following a few simple steps! Visit Google’s Step-by-Step guide here.

If you want your authorship information to appear in search results for your website, blog or other content you create, you’ll need a Google+ Profile with a decent headshot as your profile photo. Then, you must verify authorship of your content by associating it with your profile. This can be by linking your content to a Google+ profile using a verified email address, or by linking your content to your Google+ profile on your website. Please see Google’s Support Center for specific instructions.

Why should you establish Google Authorship?

That little image next to your search results can really make a positive influence on your online presence! Check out the screen shot below of search results for “plastic surgeon Ridgewood.”

Which link would you click first?

Chances are it’s the link with the image next to this! Why? People are more likely to click a link that seems reputable. The image establishes a sense of realness and authority. It also helps foster relationships; a person is more likely to contact a surgeon they feel is they’re already familiar with.

Increase Website Traffic by Establishing Google Authorship

Establishing your Google Authorship can help increase your online presence, help establish authority, and perhaps more important, increase your site’s click-through-rate (CTR.) At MyAdvice, we offer various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans which aim to achieve higher search engine rankings for your practice. Contact us to learn more!

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