Link building is one of the most important, and challenging, skills of search engine optimization (SEO). When done effectively, link building serves many benefits for your practice’s search engine optimization.

But what exactly is “link building” and what does  it mean for your web presence?

Link building is a relatively new process, which refers to getting external pages to link directly to your website, eventually leading to improvements in your overall search engine ranking results. Search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! use these links as “digital votes” to determine what sites contain quality content.

A search engine places a website with links to an authoritative web source higher in search engine results than a similar website with fewer links. An authoritative source is considered a website which has many other websites already linked to it.  Generally speaking, the more links included on your website that link to an authoritative source, the higher your practice will rank in search engine results. Links will be optimized for certain keywords that are relevant to the specialty of your medical practice. That means your medical website has the potential to go straight to the top of search engine rankings!

However, link building is often considered a tricky (and sometimes lengthy) process, mostly because it usually takes time to build quality links on a webpage. Search engines also do not immediately pick up, or index, newly-included links on a website. Often, this means a delayed improvement on a practice’s search engine rankings- usually up to a few weeks. However, once the improvements are picked up, you will likely see significant improvements.

When it comes to link building improving your SEO, it is important to keep  two things in mind. First, choose a credible, trustworthy website to link your existing website to. Also be sure the website contains content that is not only educational, but engaging for your online audience!

Also keep in mind that link building is an extremely valuable way of boosting your presence on the web.  While it may take time for a search engine to recognize your website as containing links to an authoritative website, once it is recognized,  you can be certain the overall results of a link building campaign will be worthwhile!

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