3 Reasons SEO Is Important For Your Brand

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Organic search drives a ton of online traffic. How much exactly? Some estimates say the number is as high as 51% of all traffic. Since each businesses operates in its own specific area, search engine optimization (SEO) can be a great way to target a specific audience and traffic, but there are some surprising benefits that come with investing in your SEO beyond the potential for increased traffic. Here are three reasons SEO is important for your brand that you might not expect.

1. Good SEO means good customer experience.

Good SEO and a good customer experience are intertwined. Search engines want to give users the best possible results they can, which is why some of the most important factors in SEO include the usability of a site. Nobody wants to visit a broken, slow, unsecured website. Spending time improving the front and back end of your website – which includes things like site architecture, the speed that the pages load, accessibility accommodations for users with disabilities, and backend security to protect sensitive customer information – pays off.

2. SEO helps you get found locally.

There are a ton of factors that go into local search rankings, but the extent to which local search is intertwined with SEO is extensive. The same information that search engines index on your website and across the Internet to rank you is factored into your local search rankings. Of all SEO factors, backlinks (which are the websites that link back to yours) as well as website content and on-page optimization have been specifically called out by Google as important to ranking locally. 

3. It establishes your brand as an authority. 

Authority is a big deal when it comes to SEO. It can be created by having genuinely useful content, a strong backlink profile filled with other authoritative sites, and good reviews. Improving your site authority is a factor that improves both overall SEO and local SEO. It goes a long way towards establishing your business in your local community as well. 

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