How To Promote And Protect Your Online Reputation

The digital revolution has made access of information about anyone and anything easier than before. Of course, there are security and privacy options that you can use to prevent everyone from accessing information available about you on the web. Regardless, it is possible for people to write about you or share your private or personal information with others.

The kind of information people share about you can make or break your reputation. While you cannot completely control the actions of others, you can certainly promote your positive reputation and protect it too.

  • Prepare for the worst: Remember that you are a doctor, not God. You can do everything in your medical capacity to ensure that a patient is healthy in body and mind, but you cannot always save everyone. Sometimes it is cases like these that can harm your reputation. Take the example of the doctor who treated Michael Jackson. Sometimes it is not just an unhappy patient or a disgruntled employee who targets your reputation. It can be just anyone. So you need to have a reputation management plan in place to handle the worst possible situations.
  • Be proactive about feedback: This is the digital age. You may or may not have a website, but you should have a Facebook, LinkedIn and a Twitter page where you can interact with your patients and even ask for their feedback (likes and follows). Another excellent technique is to have a feedback form or link that your patients can use to rate you and review your services.
  • Stay updated with alerts: Now it may not be possible for you to check every review website to know what someone is saying about you. To make it easier to track your online reputation, set a Google Alert so that every time your name pops up in a search, you will be notified. Also, set alerts on social media sites so that every time someone posts something on your page, comments on something you said or leaves feedback on Facebook or Twitter and every time someone endorses you for a skill on LinkedIn, you will get an email about it.

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