Most Patients Want to Use Technology to Manage Their Healthcare

A recent survey by Accenture suggests that while 90% patients embrace self-service online options, 85% are not willing to sacrifice personal communication with their healthcare providers.

The survey also found that:

  • 83 percent want to access personal medical information online.
  • 72 percent want to book, change or cancel appointments online.
  • 72 percent want to request prescription refills online.
  • 88 percent want to receive email reminders about preventive or follow-up care.
  • 76 percent want the option of communicating with physicians via email.
  • 33 percent do know not if bill pay, electronic reminders and lab results are available to them online.



What online options do you have for patients?

The world of eHealth gives patients access to health resources from the comfort of their computer, smartphone or tablet. Providing easy online options for contacting your practice, scheduling an appointment, making a payment and accessing health information may sway patients to choose your practice over others! At MyAdvice, we understand what patients look for in a healthcare website; contact an MyAdvice Representative to learn about variety our services.

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