Check It Out! Facebook Page Management Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Post more consistently, reach more fans and gain more overall control of your Facebook Page! That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do now that Facebook has released several exciting new features. Here are a few ways Facebook just made your job much easier.

New Facebook Features

  • Page Admin Roles- With new Page Admin Roles, your practice can now grant page administrators different levels of permissions, depending on their role at your practice. Various levels of responsibility include the ability to edit Pages, create posts, respond to and delete comments, send messages, create ads and view Insights.Visit Facebook’s help center for more details.
  • Scheduled Posts- Not finding the time to be consistent with Facebook posts? This may be your solution! Facebook Pages now offer the ability to schedule posts to go live at a specified time and date in the future. That means you won’t have to sacrifice time on weekends, holidays and evenings. When composing a post, simply click the small clock on the lower left hand side. You’ll be asked to provide a year, month, date and hour in the future, and your post will be shared on that given day and time.
  • Promoted Posts- Facebook now allows Page admins to promote specific posts for a fee. Promoting posts means it will be shown in the news feeds of more of your fans and friends of fans than you would reach normally.
  • Realtime Post Analytics- Ever wonder how many fans see your daily posts? New post analytics allows you to see how many people your posts have reached, both organically and virally (the number of people who saw your Page post in a story from a friend.)

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