What Should Healthcare Professionals Look for in a CMS

A content management system is one of the most important things you will be investing in when you start your own website. As a healthcare professional, you should be extra careful about the type of content you publish on the website, for the quality of content published on your website has a direct affect on your credibility as a healthcare professional. At the same time, you should invest in a CMS that will make it easier for you to write, edit, review and publish and modify content without hassles.

Features to Look for in a CMS

Healthcare professionals should look for the following features in the content management system they wish to use.

  • Easy to Use: The CMS for healthcare professionals should be easy to use and should have zero-footprint – meaning it should be web-based and should not require downloading and installation of software client. A web-based CMS that allows access to content though secure login should enable the user to post, edit and delete content in as few steps and as little time as possible.
  • Security – Healthcare professionals should be aware of HIPAA and pick a CMS that enables them to meet its standards for maintaining patient confidentiality through encryption of sensitive patient data. Also, the CMS should allow you to create pages that users can access only through secure login.
  • Compliance with Section 508 – One of the most important things that healthcare professionals should look for in a CMS is its capacity to create content that can be accessed by all. Make sure that the content that you create using the CMS is compliant with the Section 508, and can be easily accessed by persons with disabilities. Also make sure that the content meets the WAI standards.

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