Review Power: Now With Unlimited SMS Text Credits

A person typing on a laptop, reviewing their power-packed device and utilizing the unlimited SMS text credits.

Your online reputation matters. Reviews don’t just impact your review score. Last year, 57% of the healthcare practices we polled ranked generating new reviews as the single most important thing they did to improve their local SEO. 

If you’re ready to take control of your online reputation and generate the reviews you need, the time has never been better to try Review Power, because we just made a huge change to better support our valued clients.

Starting today, our Review Power platform offers unlimited credits to send review requests via text message. This means users can send as many requests as they want, and generate the reviews they need without having to worry about credit limits. 

Ready to take control of your online reputation? We can help! Set up a consultation with one of our digital marketing experts to learn more.

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