New VP of Sales

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MyAdvice, a leader in aesthetic surgery brand development and web visibility, welcomes new V.P. of Sales and Business Development, Brent Frank. Brent provides the company with over ten years of experience in the development of web portals for the health care industry.

Brent is coming to MyAdvice after co-founding, Inc., and its associated web properties (,, and He is bringing dynamic marketing experience along with a unique eye for website development.

He is looking forward to getting back into the health care industry after a brief hiatus. He said, “I’m excited to work with doctors again because I love the give-and-take. Both sides are motivated to create a synergy – they educate me and I help them build their brand.”

Brent has an extensive background with entrepreneurial start-ups, though he has created and managed teams in a wide variety of organizational settings. His experience with teams ranging from small to very large adds to his ability to understand and perpetuate growth while keeping an eye on intimate customer service.

Brent brings to the MyAdvice team a profound understanding of the requirements in developing and executing an effective visibility campaign. His current focus will to be strengthen MyAdvice’s client relations through web visibility and mobile computing solutions.

With his inclusion in the team, MyAdvice continues to assemble a group of industry thought leaders that work to expand business for plastic surgery practices. The team is comprised of writers, editors, programmers, graphic artists, search engine specialists, and support personnel all working together to deliver unparalleled service. Through extensive research and the use of leading technology and web visibility strategies, the MyAdvice team prepares the most comprehensive solutions possible.

In addition to surgical practices, MyAdvice manages three content-driven consumer sites:,, and These serve as yet another touch point between doctors and patients. Patients can research potential procedures and find qualified surgeons.

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