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Capitalizing on local search is a great way to get your business out there in the community and make a name for yourself. People actively searching for local businesses are usually the ones with cash in hand, ready to buy. That’s why it’s really important to focus marketing efforts on capturing your local market effectively.

Most companies approach local search improperly – targeting the wrong keywords and employing weak strategy. It is easy to think that if you are a mechanic in Orlando then you will want to rank first for searches of “mechanic in Orlando”. The problem comes when you focus too much time and resources optimizing for terms with no traffic, no traffic means no new customers.

Visibility vs. Optimization

According to new research, 75 percent of search engine users do not use geo-modifiers when performing a search. Users have been conditioned this way because Google and other search engines will naturally tailor search results based on your location using your IP address. Someone who is physically in Orlando is much more likely to search “mechanic” than tailor it specifically to “mechanic in Orlando”.

If your local SEO is focused on low volume terms, you are wasting your time. Though you might rank first for the geo-modified keywords, the total search volume is so low that it will not benefit your overall traffic; therefore, you will not see a return on your investment in SEO strategy.

There are certain keywords that people do search for along with city, state or zip code. Restaurants are commonly associated with city or state and movie theaters. The key is to do your research so you know you are targeting the right words. Men and women also use geographical modifiers differently, men tend to search with zip codes and women tend to use city, state and neighborhoods.

At MyAdvice, we focus on visibility not just SEO. Our strategies focus on maximizing the visibility of your brand locally. We understand that in order to grow your business, you need to get people in your office, ready to buy. We know that the best way to accomplish this by looking beyond the rankings to what really matters to you as a local business owner.

Get a clear sense of what you can gain from a local search visibility plan.

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