Content Marketing and the Success of Your Practice

Content marketing. What’s that? It’s creating your own original content and giving it away for free. For free? Are you crazy? Stick with me.

There’s nothing that people resent more than feeling like they’re being sold something. It’s the reason we channel surf during commercials, delete pitchy emails, and why we’ll walk out of a store when a salesperson comes on too strongly. Want to make someone’s skin crawl? Try selling them something.

So, in a world where the consumer has been trained to avoid “the pitch,” how can a healthcare provider possibly market effectively? The answer is simple: give them something for free.

Making the Content Investment

Alright, you don’t have to think of content marketing as giving something away for free — think of it as an investment. And, all you’re putting in is time and knowledge. What you may be creating, on the other hand, is a powerful and cost-effective lead generation tool.

Why content works:

  • You become an authority. Good content can make your website a trusted patient resource. It can give you the kind of credibility that generates not only site visits, but office visits as well.
  • It associates you with value. People love free. By giving away good content in the beginning, readers will associate you and your brand with value. And, when choosing a healthcare provider, you can bet value is something patients are looking for.
  • It disarms the reader. Unlike aggressive marketing tactics, content marketing is approachable, digestible and non-threatening. By disarming readers, they’ll likely stick around your site a little longer — maybe even long enough to fill out a contact form.
  • High ROI potential. Content marketing is undeniably one of the most cost-effective parts of any Internet marketing campaign. And, while the time you invest is certainly valuable, when it comes to dollars and cents, content marketing can have a remarkable return on investment.
  • It can improve your visibility. As an added benefit, publishing content to your site can enhance your visibility in search engines. And, by writing diversely, you can increase your opportunities for appearing in a variety of search results. What does that mean for you? More visitors from search.

Content Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Hopefully by now, you can see the value of adding unique content to your practice’s website. But, you’re probably asking yourself one question: How? Rest assured the answer is simple — and, it’s right in front of you. Blogging.

Blogs are digestible, approachable and a familiar format to people visiting your site. Best of all, adding a blog is perhaps the simplest way to start your content marketing campaign today. To see how easy it can be, contact an MyAdvice representative.

Strapped for time? MyAdvice’s article writing service can write your blogs for you. This ghostwriting service will post custom articles to your site on a regular basis. Get started now.

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