3 Quick Ways to Boost Your Medical, Dental, or Aesthetic Site Traffic

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Looking for ways to boost the visitors coming to your medical, dental, or aesthetic website? While quick wins are often difficult to come by when it comes to website traffic, there are some places to check if you’re not seeing the type of traffic you’re looking for. They might not be the first places you’d think to look, either, but since so many of your marketing strategies are sending traffic to your website, it makes sense that small improvements can have big impacts for your website traffic. Here are three strategies to improve your website traffic. 

1. Look at your local listings.

When it comes to the digital world and your medical, dental, or aesthetic practice, creating a local strategy pays off. After all, most of your patients will most likely be local, since someone in Cincinnati searching for dental implants probably isn’t planning on flying to San Diego for their treatment.

Even searching for a relatively broad term like “Skin Cancer Doctors” will include local business results in the form of a Local Pack. In this case, the top 3 organic results for dermatologists.

To ensure you rank as highly as possible in the local searches that pertain to your practice, you need to take care of two major things. The first is creating (or updating) your Google My Business listings. First, you’ll need to sign into your Google account (or create one) and then provide all the relevant information about your practice, including your Name, Address, and Phone number (commonly referred to as your NAP info), but also including your website, hours of operation, and other important contact information. You may already have done this, but it’s still a good idea to get back into your account and verify everything is current. Plus, you can add items such as photos and additional descriptions.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to monitor your listing for inaccuracies and changes that may pop up.

2. Consider paid ads.

One of the benefits of pay-per-click advertising is the precise targeting and exact budgeting that it offers. You set the keywords and the dollar amounts, and once you hit your daily budget, your campaigns are turned off. However, this is considered an advanced marketing strategy, because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up spending a whole lot of money on a whole lot of nothing.  

Targeting keywords related to your most profitable procedures, your competitors, or geographic keywords to bring in visitors in your area is a good place to start if you’re brand new to paid search.

3. Dial in your content.

Medical, dental, and aesthetic practices are vastly different from typical e-commerce websites. Potential patients are weighing whether to come to your practice to address something with their health or their appearance. There needs to be lots of trust for that to happen. So, your practice website needs to be populated with well-written, descriptive copy. This copy needs to detail the procedures and treatments you provide, and it needs to do so with enough information so that the visitor to your site can really get a good idea of what’s involved with the procedure or treatment.

When you provide this type of content, potential patients instantly see you as an expert, someone to be trusted with their health and appearance. Content on your site is different from retail content in that it shouldn’t overtly sell; it should provide the information necessary for the potential patient to take the next step should they want to. This is no place for bullet points describing a surgical procedure. This is no place for overhyping this or that treatment. This should be the presentation of well-written, easy-to-read information.

Fortunately, potential patients aren’t the only ones who appreciate dialed-in content. Doing this also means better rankings on search engines, bringing new patients to your website when they search for providers and services in their area. 

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