Is a Facebook Advertising Campaign Right for Your Practice?

Let’s face it: Facebook isn’t going anywhere. With nearly 900 million monthly users, 3.2 billion “likes” and comments per day and close to 42 million business Pages, it’s safe to say that Facebook offers a huge opportunity to market your practice.

One of the reasons Facebook has been such a success story is because at a base level, it’s free to use. But, for those with a marketing budget – even a small one – Facebook makes it possible to reach a highly targeted audience. What’s your target audience? Potential patients!

Ask yourself these three questions and find out if a Facebook ad campaign is right for your practice:

Do your procedures and treatments pertain to a specific demographic?
Facebook lets you target your ads by age, gender, birthday and relationship status. Let’s see this in action:

Suppose you’re a plastic surgeon, offering different procedures that appeal to specific audiences. For instance, you may be running a “Mommy Makeover” special and realize it’s a popular gift to young mothers ages 25-35. Let’s say you’re also promoting a BOTOX® special for new male clients. Facebook ensures that the right ad reaches the right set of eyes, making sure your marketing dollars are being used as efficiently as possible.

Do your procedures and treatments appeal to a specific region?
Suppose your plastic surgery practice is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chances are you don’t want to pay for an advertising campaign that will reach Facebook users in New York City! Facebook allows you to choose specific cities and a certain mile radius of Facebook users that will be presented with your ad.

This means you won’t be wasting impressions and clicks!

Do your procedures and treatments cater to a specific interest?
Perhaps the most compelling component of highly-targeted Facebook ads is the ability to choose specific interests of ad viewers. Perhaps you realize your “Mommy Makeover” patients are into exercise and fitness, you can target specific interests on Facebook, such as running, yoga, Pilates, etc.

Add all these all together, and that’s one highly-targeted Facebook Ad campaign!

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, a Facebook Ad campaign might be right for you! But, there’s more to running a Facebook ad campaign than choosing a target audience. You must also:

  • Choose a Facebook Page, or outside landing page to direct interested users
  • Upload a captivating image
  • Write compelling copy
  • Include a bold call to action
  • Set and manage your budget

To learn more about running a successful Facebook ad campaign, visit Facebook’s help center.

Need help launching your Facebook Ad Campaign?

At MyAdvice, we offer a variety of services to help you launch and manage your Facebook Page and Google+. Additionally, we’ll create your highly-targeted Facebook Ad Campaign. Contact us to get started!

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