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We’re experts when it comes to building beautiful websites, executing search engine optimization, and writing compelling content. But we understand that you’re also experts in your respective field. Your digital marketing services perform best when both sets of expertise are brought together.

So… what do we need to know? Think about these aspects of your business. Believe it or not, they have a great effect on the success of your services.

What Are Your Short and Long-Term Business Goals?

The answer to this question is crucial to how we develop your unique strategy for the future. Will you be doubling your service offerings by next year? Are you currently at patient capacity? Knowing more about where your business is headed will help us determine the focus of your strategy.

Which Products and Services Does Your Business Provide?

We want to provide a comprehensive view of your business and maximize your return on investment, and we need to know about all of your products and services, as well as which offerings might provide the greatest profit margin when it comes to paid search.

Who Are Your Customers?

We can effectively optimize your website and write your content based on who will be searching for your products and services. Men over 50? Women between 35 and 45? Kids under 10?

How Do You Want to Engage With Your Customers?

The best online engagement comes directly from your business. What are you willing to do to connect with potential customers? Respond to comments on Facebook? Post videos from your office? Or would you rather keep your interactions with customers in-person? 

Are You Using Offline Marketing Methods?

Local brand awareness can be effectively achieved with traditional marketing (i.e. newspaper ads, radio interviews, sponsorships, etc.). But whether or not a potential customer chooses to schedule an appointment at your business depends on the quality of your website. We want to align your offline message with your online message to incorporate every marketing method.

Are Your Willing to Try New Strategies?

We have tons of ideas and proven strategies that help businesses increase revenue. The question is… Are you willing to market your business in a way you’ve never tried before?! We’re ready!

Do You Communicate With Your DMS Regularly?

Share the results that we cannot monitor. If someone loved your website design, tell us! If someone was captivated by your paid ad, tell us! If someone scans their newsfeed for your social media posts, tell us! We’ll make a note of what your customers want to see.

We’re committed to making your digital marketing strategy a success by maintaining an open line of communication. Give your Customer Success Team a call to chat about your business.

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