An Integrated Approach to Bringing Customers to Your Practice

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At Advice, we’re big believers in using all the arrows in the quiver to bring patients to your practice. You may know us for building your website and optimizing it to achieve its full potential. But those two services are just a part of what we call our Customer Acquisition Services menu. Together, these services cover all the bases in digital marketing, making sure potential patients find you and current patients keep you in their hearts and minds.

Here’s a breakdown of our Customer Acquisition Services.

  • Search Engine Optimization — Organic search, the returns when someone types an entry into the search bar, isn’t what it used to be. As Google has moved the bar in favor of paid search (where it makes more money), organic search results are getting tougher to come by. That’s where our SEO skills really come into play, not only staying up with Google’s 1000 algorithm changes each year, but understanding how to make the most of those changes to get your practice as high as possible in search results.
  • Pay-per-click — As organic search is becoming more limited, paid search is becoming more important. Text only, pay-per-click paid search advertising now appears higher than most organic searches. Plus, you pay for what you get (rather than the more familiar adage) because you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. We thoroughly research possible search terms related to your practice to ensure that your pay-per-click ads come up everywhere your customers are searching.
  • Social media — Social media — Facebook, Google+, and Twitter — allow your practice to have more personal interaction with your patients both in terms of your posts and the possibility of direct back and forth communication with individual patients. We build your page and manage your posts to give your practice the personal touch your patients appreciate. Plus, interactions on social media boost your organic and paid search results.
  • Display ads — Similar in concept to pay-per-click ads, we prefer our display ads to also be cost-per-click. But whereas pay-per-click ads are text only, and resemble organic search when displayed in a search result, display ads can include graphics, photos, even video to allow a more detailed message. Display ads don’t show up in search results. Instead, they are embedded within sites where your potential patients are browsing. That’s where our expertise really shows, not only in creating the ads, but also in researching the right keywords and demographics to place your ad on the sites your potential patients are on.
  • Email marketing — Email marketing is one of our ways to help you retain your customers. Working from your existing database, we use email to stay in touch with your patients, keeping them in the know about what’s new and happening with your practice. Since most of your patients will have from three to five procedures over their lives, directly staying in touch by email is the perfect way to stay top of mind.
  • Content generation — Generating new content is another way we keep you high in the search results. Google and other search engines seek to expose new content to searchers, raising them in the rankings while doing so. Part of this involves writing accurate on-page descriptions, page titles, and Meta tags for every website that we manage. But it also comes down to the content we provide in your website blogs and on your social media posts.
  • Listings — We also help to manage your listings in local directories such as Yelp and on medical field-specific websites (portal listings). Keeping up with these can be daunting, and duplicate content can confuse the search engines. So we help you organize your listings to be sure you’re listed as an expert in your area.

And when it’s all out there, we keep track of how it’s going. With tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Facebook Analytics, we’ll tell you how we’re doing each step of the way. You’ll know who’s coming to your website, from where, and what they’re doing while there. You’ll have a direct measure of your return on your digital marketing dollars spent with us.

Have any questions about any of our Customer Acquisition Services? Call your Advice rep and he or she will be glad to fill you in on all of it.

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