Are you tapping into all the online marketing options for your medical practice website? Online marketing is a multi-faceted industry offering countless ways to brand your name and your practice. Blogging is one of the best ways to reach new clients and one of the easiest ways to market yourself online. If you are already blogging, here are a few tips that will help your blog generate more leads and better web traffic.

Opt-In Forms

There are a lot of opportunities on a blog to present visitors with a call to action. Some examples include free trials, consultations or even just a simple newsletter. The best areas to place these opt-in forms include the header, About page, footers, and sidebars and at the end of your blog posts.

Do not be scared to use all of these opt-in possibilities. Lead capturing options need to be placed in several locations on your blog because most viewers will only see one of the options. In some cases, a reader may not even see your header and footer because he is so impressed with the content he is currently reading; in that case an opt-in form at the end of your blog post would be best place to offer this option to your site visitors. On the other hand, if a visitor makes it to your homepage on your blog they may skim all the way down most current post titles and then subscribe using an opt-in located in your footer.

Make sure your opt-in form appears in many locations on the blog so that you can cover all possibilities of grabbing your visitors’ attention.

Consistently Update Your Blog

Creating regular, fresh content is the best way to make sure your audience continues coming back for more. By continually updating your blog with information relevant to your readers, you’re able to position yourself as an authority in your field.

Use Incentives to Boost Sharing With a Referral Program

One important rule in online marketing is to always remember everyone likes free things, and content counts. Your loyal subscribers and patients will gladly help build your audience base. Free e-books and other long form content can be used as an incentive when coupled with a referral program. For example, you can use a special e-book incentive for subscribers who refer a certain amount new subscribers.

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