Want to Reach More Patients? Blog on Topics They Search!

If someone told you that one day, technologies would exist that could allow you to see exactly what your potential patients were searching for on the Internet, would you believe them? How about if they told you that these technologies would be completely free of charge and easily accessible to everyone? Of course, you’d be suspicious! But, you’d be interested, wouldn’t you?

Now, how about if I told you that these technologies already exist today and yes, that best of all, they’re completely free? Don’t believe me? Read on and let me prove it!

Using Their Ideas to Write Your Blogs

Writing for a blog is a balancing act, and a difficult one at that. You’re trying to add good content, but you’re looking to increase your search engine ranking. You want to keep it interesting, but you’re trying to incorporate strong keywords. It can really become a headache. Thankfully, however, the Internet — unlike any other media channel — gives you a way to meet all these goals, by gaining insight on what your potential patients are already searching for and interested in.

Here are a few of our favorite tools for tailoring your content to your patients’ interests:

  • Google SuggestGoogle’s autocomplete algorithm allows you to search for part of a phrase, with Google filling in the rest, based on popular searches.Here, when searching for the term “root canal,” we can see that patients weren’t only looking for how a root canal procedure is performed, but information on whether it’s painful, how much it costs, etc. These topics could all make for strong blog posts — and, they’re things people are already searching for!
  • ÜbersuggestTouted as “Suggest on Steroids,” Übersuggest uses Internet search patterns to generate an enormous list of topics and keywords.As you can see, searching for the term “root canal,” we came up with 362 suggestions, topics your potential patients are already interested in.
  • Google Insights for SearchFor those who are interested in conducting more in-depth research, Google Insights can be a great tool. Not only does the site provide “top searches” and “rising searches” on any term, but it can demonstrate the “seasonality” of a search term.Here, when searching for “root canal,” we can see the ebb and flow of term popularity, as well as some news stories that may explain spikes. This can be a good tool for timing when your posts roll out, based on their seasonal popularity.
  • Twitter SearchFinally, if you’re strapped for blog ideas, try going social. Tools like Twitter Search give you insight on what people are talking about right now. Search any term, and you’ll see up-to-the-minute tweets on that topic.

Don’t Have a Blog Yet? Add One Today!

Adding a blog to your site is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to market your practice. Each blog post adds a unique page of content to your site, increasing your authority, enhancing your visibility and keeping patients coming back! Find out more about what this service can do for you — contact an MyAdvice representative today!

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