The trick to writing for search engine optimization, SEO is to use as many keywords in your content as possible. Blogging for SEO means writing your content in the most searchable way. However, content too heavily saturated with keywords becomes suspicious to readers and search engines. There’s a fine line between good use of SEO keywords, and bad.  To follow are tips for writing content that your readers will be able to find via search engines.

Topics are Keywords

When you’re selecting a topic, write about something you want attention for. For example, if you’re a plastic surgeon and you want to be known for breast procedures, select a blog topic including variations of the term “breast augmentation,” can help drive your SEO.

Titles Should Reflect Web Searches

Incorporate direct searches into your blog post titles. A specific keyword-rich blog title will stir up the most site traffic. For example, a post about breast implant options could be titled, “Different Types of Breast Implants,” because that is a common search.

5 General Tips for SEO-Friendly Blog Writing

  1. Start titles with  key words. “Breast Implants: Saline or Silicone?”
  2. Using a colon in your title helps broaden what your blog can be searched for, it also helps you lead with a keyword in a natural seeming way.
  3. Numbered lists have a higher click-through rate, which can affect overall site ranking. For example, “5 Types of Breast Implants That Are Gaining Popularity.”
  4. Use variations of your topic keyword or key phrase. Overusing the single term can hurt your rank and seem unnatural. For example, if the key word is “breast augmentation,” varying keywords would be, breast surgery, cosmetic breast surgery, breast enhancement, or breast implants.
  5. Attach keywords to location. For example, “breast augmentation in New York City.” This is because people interested in getting breast augmentation that live in New York City are inclined to search for a doctor on Google by searching that specific phrase, “breast augmentation in New York City.”

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