Will Twitter Benefit Your Medical Practice?

Today, both small and large medical practices alike are turning to social media websites to get the word out their about their practice. Twitter, a microblogging website, remains one of the most popular options for engaging new patients- and keeping up with existing patients!

Twitter is a great way of promoting what a practice has to offer. In as little as 140 characters, users can exchange valuable information on almost any subject, including medical information!

Not sure if Twitter is right for your practice? Consider the following: Twitter attracts millions of daily users. That means that some of your existing (and prospective) patients are probably already using the site! That makes Twitter the perfect platform to engage patients. Using Twitter, you can send out short messages (or “tweets”, as they are known on the website) to patients, or even send the patient a private, direct message. Answering questions from your patients is a great way of communicating with them, and allowing patients to feel a certain connection to you and to your practice. Even Twitter users who don’t post very much, tend to read posts and take note of what they read on the site. Simply posting to your practice’s Twitter page on a regular basis can attract new patients to your practice.

Twitter can also held you build your network among your fellow doctors. On Twitter, you can follow other doctors in your field or in your local area, exchanging valuable medical articles or information, and sending them messages. It also never hurts to establish connections throughout the medical community, and networking with other doctors may even come in handy in the future- especially when it comes to medical referrals! Twitter can serve as a bridge between your practice and other doctors.

Another great thing about using Twitter to promote your practice is that it is cost-effective. One of the reasons Twitter has become so useful to doctors with both big and small practices is that it is much less expensive than advertising on television or the radio, or placing an advertisement in a magazine. Furthermore, Twitter is far more personalized than any other form of advertising.

Let MyAdvice Help!

If you’re looking to build a Twitter presence for your practice but don’t have the time to do it yourself, let MyAdvice help! We offer a number of different social media plans to meet the unique, individual needs of your practice. Contact an MyAdvice representative today to learn more.

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