Surprising Tips for Navigating Twitter

Social media experts everywhere have different opinions about how often business should tweet for optimal social media marketing results. However, one thing social media experts agree upon is to not spam your followers, however, on Twitter spamming your followers is nearly impossible unless you are scheduling tweets to post every second of the day. The feed moves exceptionally fast on Twitter, much quicker than other social media platforms. To follow are a few tips for effectively using Twitter in your social media marketing campaign.

  1. Twitter is a social media platform designed as a conversational tool. If someone tweets at you, or shares your content, they are starting a conversation with you. Make sure you engage and respond! One-sided conversations end abruptly.
  2. Get noticed. How fast the Twitter feed moves depends on how many users your followers are following. The amount of users anyone can follow is endless, it is estimated that there are currently over 6 million active Twitter users in the world. Tweet minimally twice an hour to ensure that your tweets will be seen.
  3. It is estimated that over 9,000 tweets are posted every second, therefore posting once a day just won’t be enough to get your medical practice noticed.
  4. Post original and professional content. Users aren’t interested in personal matters when it pertains to business posting on social media. When it comes to a medical practice, publish original content that is valuable to patients. Post informational and educational content.
  5. If you only post the same type of tweet over and over again, your account can get suspended! Switch it up! a good rule of thumb is 25% of posts should be original content, 25% of tweets should be conversational responses to followers, 35% of tweets should be relevant retweets from colleagues and professional medical associations, and 15% of tweets should be videos. This keeps your tweets fresh, poignant, and relevant!
  6. Use trending hashtags in your tweets, this will help increase share-ability of a post, and create more reactions!
  7. Drive users back to your medical practice website. Always put the URL to your business in your tweets, or make sure it is visible on your profile. The entire purpose of tweeting is to increase traffic back to your site!
  8. Tweets containing images are more likely to be retweeted, thus more likely to be seen by a larger audience!
  9. Including @mentions in your tweets also increases share-ability!
  10. Tweet during daytime hours. If you’re tweets are posting to your followers’ feed when they’re sleeping, it won’t do your medical practice any good!

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