Using Storytelling to Sell Your Deal

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How to optimize your Facebook posts has been on the top of our minds lately. So we’re passing along some tips for how to post your deals without Facebook penalizing your Business Page for too many promotional posts. And we know that this will work… because the advice came right from Facebook!

The key to not pushing a promotion is to tell a story instead.

While you may be inclined to use phrases like “BUY NOW” or “BIG DISCOUNTS,” try using more subtle language (without all caps). Keep in mind that your Facebook followers sift through posts hoping to find a story that compels them, not to be sold on what may be a great deal. Luckily, you can accomplish both objectives: keeping customers informed and creating posts that interest them.

Let’s turn some of your deals into stories!

Promo: What are you waiting for? Now is the time to get BIG DISCOUNTS on TEETH WHITENING. Come see us for your whitening treatment TODAY!

Story: A sparkling smile can go a long way to make you feel and look your best! We’d love to get you started on teeth whitening treatments. Plus, we can give you a great deal =)

Promo: HURRY IN FOR THE DEAL OF THE SEASON! Botox injections are at their lowest prices ever!

Story: We know that you want to look fresh for the spring season. Stop by to check out our discounted Botox treatments this month.

And here’s an example right from Facebook:

Using Storytelling to Sell Your Deal

Now’s the time to put on your creative thinking caps. But if you need help along the way, let us know. MyAdvice is always here to support our clients!

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