Twitter Set to Launch New Pop-Up Notifications Feature

Twitter is preparing to roll out yet another new feature. Within the next few weeks, the microblogging powerhouse is scheduled to unleash a feature that will give users the ability to see real-time notifications pop-up on their screens.

For example, if a user receives a direct message (DM), they will get a pop-up notification at the bottom of their screen. This will be overlaid atop of the page they are currently viewing, whether that is their home page or another user’s timeline.

Previously, when a user received a DM or another sort of interaction, such as someone favoriting or retweeting one of their tweets, the user would simply be notified by having a blue dot appear to the right of their “notifications” tab, which is identified by the bell icon.

With the new feature, users won’t have to go over to their notifications to view their latest interactions; the latest notice will just pop up automatically on their screen. While this is convenient, it brings up the issue of whether the pop-up message will distract users from whatever content they were originally viewing – and whether users will mind.

Twitter notes that users who want to take full advantage of this new feature should make sure that they update the “Web notifications” portion of their profiles and check off whether they want to be notified when their tweets are retweeted, marked at favorites, receive a reply, are mentioned by another user in a tweet, followed by another user, etc.

credit | Twitter


The pop up notices will also be fully interactive, so users will be able to reply, favorite, retweet, and follow another user directly from the notification message. So keep an eye out for the new feature when updating your Twitter account over the coming weeks!


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