How Twitter’s New Search Functions Can Help You Reach Patients

Even in the golden age of technology, people want to find their doctors through a referral or recommendation. Twitter might have made that easier for both users and healthcare practices.

Popular social media microblogging site Twitter has recently introduced the addition of new filters to refine search results. Users can now modify and filter their results by people, videos and news in their area.

A potential patient could search for a doctor who is located close by, and simultaneously make sure that they are recommended by someone whom they trust by typing in “dermatologist” and then filtering it by location and the people they follow.

Someone looking for more information about a procedure like breast augmentation could filter their results by video. Twitter will then show all the tweets that have videos associated with breast augmentation.

According to an article by Search Engine Land blogger Matt McGee, Twitter unveiled another filter today adding the ability to search through timelines and lists. This function will allow users, and would-be patients, to find specific information and doctors through other Twitter users.

If your practice has a Twitter presence, this search function could serve as great source for referrals. Click here to learn more about starting and maintaining a Twitter account for your practice.


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