Three Ways Twitter Can Make You A Better Doctor

Many healthcare providers are weary of engaging with social media. However, when it comes to social media marketing for your medical practice, Twitter can influence your practice’s brand. By increasing your online presence, existing and potential patients will perceive you as a better doctor. To follow are three ways Twitter can positively influence your brand.

You Heard It On Twitter First

  • Twitter is currently the fastest social media platform, which makes it a great place to keep up with the most current news. If you follow reputable news organizations and professional medical societies, you’ll always know the latest story.
  • Not only will you gain access to all of the latest news, but you’ll also be able to see what people are saying about current events. For example, during the onset of the ebola outbreak, Twitter users were able to track what was happening in real-time through the use of hashtags.
  • Twitter allows its users to “retweet” posts from other users. If you’re a physician who follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Twitter, and they post a tweet about ways to lower your chances of contracting ebola, you can retweet the original post for your followers to see. Retweets are a way of endorsing someone else’s or a professional group’s messages.

Digital Soapbox

  • Doctors who share their professional ideas on Twitter are helping their brand, and increasing their visibility on the internet.
  • On Twitter, physicians can follow patient and physician blogs to see what people in their specific specialty are concerned with.
  • Twitter is a place for sharing ideas. Not only can a physician tweet about his or her ideas on a specific medical issue, but followers can reply with their own ideas, questions, or concerns.

You Can Tweet In Your Sleep

  • Doctors are busy professionals with demanding schedules. Spending time on social media may not fit into their schedules. However, you can tweet in your sleep, figuratively. Tweets can be written, and scheduled to be published at different times. If you’re a surgeon and will be spending the day in the operating room, you can take a few moments the night before and schedule tweets to publish while you’re saving lives.
  • Twitter is a fun and productive way to relax.

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