Pinterest Inspiration: Spring Health Tips for Your Patients

Earlier this week, we went over the top ten tips for the setting up a Pinterest account for your practice. The social media site, which lets users create online boards of images and videos that are linked to other sites, is continuing to rapidly grow in popularity.

A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center showed that Pinterest grew the number of its online adult users by six percent, which is more than Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The study also showed that Pinterest appeals to female users, although the number of men joining the social media is increasing as well.

So what makes Pinterest so beneficial to a healthcare practice? To make a board, a user can select a topic, such as fitness or skincare, and pin images and videos to the online boards. Adding a brief description and some keywords and/or hashtags to each image that you pin is important, since Pinterest organizes content into collections based upon interest.

Just like individual users, businesses can create an account. Making several boards that relate to your practice is a great way to spread awareness of your services while also boosting your online presence and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A plastic surgery practice, for example, can create a “Get Ready for Summer” board that showcases the various procedures that they offer to help patients attain their beach body, such as liposuction and CoolSculpting. Another idea for a board is “Plastic Surgery Safety”, which can include tips for how patients can determine which procedure is right for them and properly select a board-certified plastic surgeon.

The person making this board would include some information about the procedure in the description box, as well as list the practice’s contact information. They should also incorporate a link to their practice’s official site, and hashtag the image with words related to the procedure and plastic surgery in general.

To help you get more ideas for what medical and healthcare-related boards you can make for your practice’s Pinterest account, we’ve put together a Spring Health Tips for Your Patients. Click the preview below to see it!

From outdoor family fun to nutritious recipes, there are many ways to encourage patients to improve their health this spring. Pin what you find to be relevant to you, and you can also share these helpful tips and activity ideas with your patients across your practice’s other social media accounts and/or blog.

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