How to Use Social Media to Get More Patients

How to Use Social Media to Get More PatientsA study conducted by the Journal of Medical Internet Research has given us an insight into how doctors view social media. Even though healthcare social media networks are on the rise, doctors are unsure of the benefits of interacting online in their professional capacity. Many doctors say that the ambiguous legal and ethical implications of interacting with patients online have led to them keep their social media profiles, if they had any, private.

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Doctors and Social Media

Connect with peers

Among the doctors who do use social media, the foremost reason for accessing social platforms is to interact and share knowledge with their peers. Many doctors, especially the younger lot, point out that using social media put them in direct touch with innovators and thought leaders, in the medical field, and their opinions are virtual gold mines. The knowledge garnered on these online platforms can help doctors keep updated on the latest and help them stay ahead of the competition.

Connect with patients

Social media platforms and online communities can bring doctors face-to-face with the challenges and apprehensions that patients and their support systems face during the course of the treatment. Interacting on these forums help doctors gain perspectives on patient healthcare and encourage them to improve the quality of the services they provide. Doctors, through sharing and interacting on these platforms, can offer a better understanding and in-depth analysis on the patient’s condition. Another major advantage of doctors interacting online is that they can greatly help combat the influx of wrong information and misguided medical advice that floats around on the internet and social media platforms.

Specialized forums

Many doctors choose to sign up for forums and interaction boards where they can share their expertise and gain understanding on their respective specializations. These forums cut out the unnecessary information and help doctors focus on bringing in understanding about specific conditions.

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