How Social Media Can Be Used Effectively for Your Practice

Today, popular social media websites, such as Facebook, Google+, or Twitter,  are considered an extremely important part of any online marketing plan. However, when it comes to social media, it is more important to choose a social media site which works effectively for your practice, rather than establishing a social media site just for the sake of having one.

So, how can social media be used effectively for your practice? Whenever you establish a social media account, there are several key questions to keep in mind while developing your social media strategy.

These questions may include:

  • “Who is my target patient?” Once you have determined who your target patient is, you will be able to select a social media website that will enable you to reach your specific patient demographic. It may take some time and research to determine what social media website will best help you reach your “ideal” patient base. A good website to start with is Facebook, a highly-influential social media site which attracts millions of daily users of various backgrounds and ages. While it may seem surprising, many active Facebook users are older adults! If you are trying to reach a younger generation of patients (such as millennials) consider establishing a presence on “newer” social media websites, such as Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest.
  • What do I want to accomplish through social media?” Don’t jump on the social media bandwagon just because it seems like you should! Instead, develop a strategy for what kind of social media presence you wish to promote, and create a page which reflects the mission, ideals and long-term goals of your practice. With those goals in mind, use your social media site to promote your practice. Make sure that any social media page you establish truly represents your practice in the most positive and professional way.
  • How can I continue to keep my patients interested in my social media page?” One of the best things about social media is that it can be used in numerous ways. You can post anything from educational or relevant medical content to lighthearted videos and photos that will keep your patients informed, engaged and interested. By planning to post to social media on a regular basis, your patients will truly benefit from any information you have!

By establishing your goals, target patient and creating an effective long-term plan, your practice can truly benefit from using social media!

MyAdvice Can Handle It For You!

Not sure where to start with establishing a social media presence for your medical practice? Let MyAdvice Help! Our team of designers can help revamp your medical practice website to positively represent your medical practice. For more information, contact an MyAdvice Representative to learn more about our social media marketing plans.

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