5 Need-to-Know Guidelines for Running Your Social Media Accounts

Most businesses set have set up at least one social media account dedicated specifically to their company, however, many of these accounts end up being neglected or mishandled.

Take control of your practice’s online presence and keep your social media accounts running smoothly by following the below five guidelines:

  1. Assign a specific employee to run your social media accounts. The person in charge of updating your social media should be capable of properly running the account, and should be knowledgeable about posting across several social media platforms. A media management system such as HootSuite can help them stay organized.
  2. Decide on the tone of your social media posts. Whoever you assign to be in charge of posting on your social profiles should be aware of the tone your company would like to project. Your practice’s online voice, whether it’s formal, conservative, casual or a combination of all three, should be in line with its vision and brand.
  3. Choose on your content in advance. Preselect what topics you want to be featured and discussed in future social media posts. You can plan posts weeks or months in advance, but also have the option of adding in timely posts that are relevant to current news or pop culture references. This will make your posts come across as fresh and up-to-the-minute.
  4. Avoid image rights issues. Many people wrongly believe that they can just use any image that they find on Google. However, image copyright infringements can result in fines or even legal action. Always make sure that you have the right to use an image, whether it’s by asking for or buying permission to use an image, or by only using royalty-free photos.
  5. Create a schedule for your updates. Set goals for how frequently your social media profiles will be updated, whether it’s twice a week or more. Make sure that all of your accounts – including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter – will be updated at least once a week, to keep your accounts from seeming neglected. HootSuite gives you the option of scheduling posts, so you can stagger them throughout several weeks or months.


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