How to Pick PPC Keywords

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Have you started a pay-per-click campaign? Our PPC Analyst makes a point to send chosen keywords to customers before their campaigns launch. But you may not realize how much thought goes into each keyword.

It’s not just about the words! Keywords are about your customers, your content, and your industry. The right word attracts customers who are ready for your services, highlights your website content, and addresses trending topics within your industry.

Target audiences for your keywords cannot be too broad.

While organic traffic can be comprised of many types of potential customers, you want every paid click to count. These patients need to be one step closer to scheduling an appointment than the average web searcher.

For example, a campaign for Kybella might exclude the keyword “double chin” (without any clarifiers) to detract patients who are looking for the definition of a double chin. Similarly, a campaign for root canals might exclude the keyword “tooth decay” just in case patients are still determining the cause of their tooth ache.

Aggregates that describe your keywords make a difference.

The PPC campaign for your product or service needs to involve keywords other than just the brand name or specific service you’re advertising. Each keyword phrase requires our PPC Analyst to think like your potential patients.

Some keyword choices are obvious, like “teeth whitening dentist” or “neck lift surgeon.” But we might find that web searchers aren’t looking for dentists that provide teeth whitening services, but rather “teeth whitening take-home kits,” which you can also promote. Or maybe “neck lift injectables” attract more patients than full neck lift surgery. Both of these alternative examples can lead back to the same page on your website, and ideally result in a conversion.

Keywords need to change throughout your campaign.

Monitoring your keyword performance is crucial to maximize conversions over the course of your campaign. We want to focus on the keywords that are actually working for your product or service. Even when a keyword greatly increases webpage traffic, the conversion rate needs to also significantly increase to remain a part of your campaign.

We’ll set short and long-term goals for each keyword and adjust accordingly. Don’t be surprised if there are fewer keywords at the end of your campaign than when we started.

Whether you’ve started a PPC campaign or need to begin the setup process, we’re to help! Contact your Customer Success Team with any questions about your keywords.

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