Creating an Effective Landing Page for your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign

Take a moment to consider this: When a potential patient clicks your online ad or sponsored story, what’s the first thing they see? If it’s not a targeted, well-designed landing page, keep reading.

A landing page is a single page of copy presented to a user after he or she clicks an advertisement. Think of it as an extension of the ad, encouraging visitors to take action right then and there. An effective landing page captures leads by presenting a specific offer, a clear call to action, limited navigation, a simple contact form, and an overall defined “next step.”

Landing Pages Sell

An effective landing page sells. It’s free of clutter, providing users targeted information that clarifies what they should do next. Whether your goal is to get visitors to fill out a form, to download a coupon or to purchase your latest skincare product, creating an effective landing page increases the chances that a visitor takes action.

Top Landing Page Tips That Convert!

Your visitors were already interested enough to click your PPC ad. Now, it’s up to your landing page to convert them into leads.

  • Create your Landing Page with One Specific Goal in Mind- First, decide what you want to accomplish. Be direct and clear as to what the “next step” is.
  • Easy to Scan and Read- You have only seconds to encourage visitors to take action. Go simple. Use a clear title, description and layout to quickly convey the value of your procedure or offer.
  • Bold Call to Action- Providing a valuable offer or deal is the best way to get visitors to take action. If you’re running a promotion or discount on a specific procedure, make sure it’s clearly and boldly stated.
  • Simple Form- Most landing pages encourage visitors to fill out a form. Make sure your form is simple and asks potential patients to share only basic information. For example: ask for their name and email address and/or phone number. Once you have the contact information of interested parties, you can enter them into your sales process.
  • Limited Navigation- Since the goal of your contact form is to get visitors to take action for one specific reason, limit the number of outbound links. Once they are directed away from your landing page they’re likely to get distracted.
  • Find Out What’s Most Effective- Test a few versions of copy, layout and imagery. Compare conversation rates and go with the one that works best!

Do you want a PPC campaign that generates more leads?

If you want your PPC campaign to generate more, high-quality leads for your medical practice, creating an effective landing page can help do the job.

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