5 Tips for Running a Successful Holiday Pay-Per-Click Campaign

It’s officially holiday season! With people scrambling to get gifts, Google and other search engines are often the go-to source to find the best local deals. If you want to boost sales this holiday season on a controlled marketing budget, consider running a pay-per-click campaign.

Benefits of a PPC Campaign:

  • Know how much you’re spending
  • Count how many leads you’ve collected
  • Calculate the cost per lead
  • Track success of your campaign

To get the best bang for your buck, follow these PPC tips:

  1. Target the right keywords and use those keywords in your ads. Not sure how people search for your services? Look at your Google Analytics keyword traffic sources to learn more about how people are finding your site. Also use Google’s Keyword Tool to determine popular search terms.Once you discover which keywords to use, use them in your ad copy.
  2. Target the right locations. Google lets you select zip codes, states, counties, cities, and specific geographic areas. Don’t waste money on ads that serve people outside your target market!
  3. Choose a relevant landing page. Choose wisely where your PPC campaign will lead visitors. If you’re running a holiday special, consider creating a landing page specifically for your campaign.If you don’t have the time or resources to create a page specifically for your ad, choose the best page from your website. For example, if your ad is for “50% off LASIK,” your landing page should be information about that procedure.
  4. Test and optimize your ads! As you accumulate data from your ads, shift budgets to higher converting ad groups, test different offers, and split test landing pages to see which ones get more conversions.
  5. Ask for help! If you want your PPC campaign to generate more, high-quality leads for your medical practice, considering turning to experts in search engine marketing.

Experts in Healthcare Pay-Per-Click

With years of experience launching and maintaining PPC campaigns and proven success in creating effective landing pages, we’ll help your practice generate leads and increase conversion rates! Contact an MyAdvice Representative to get started.

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