4 Important Topics from Search Marketing Expo 2015

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The Search Marketing Expo (SMX) is one of the most informative conferences in the search industry. Naturally, MyAdvice sent two top Digital Marketing Specialists to gather as much insight as possible. With so many industry experts and panelists scheduled to attend, there was plenty of excitement about the newest tips and tricks. Our team had a ton of questions ready and were preparing to have our minds blown. Now, we’d like to share what we learned with you! Here are the top four takeaways from SMX 2015:

  1. Providing Structured Data – Structured data (schema) is valuable information that Google uses to provide instant search results. Answers to questions like “Where was Ronald Reagan born?” provide exact answers. This can result in a large amount of traffic to your site if the correct structured data is indicated to Google.


  1. Subdomains vs. Sub Folders. Which is Better? – As the most common question at the conference, this topic need not be addressed by industry leaders moving forward. Especially considering MyAdvice knows and implements best practices already. It’s widely known that sub folders are more useful for SEO tactics. What’s the difference? A subdomain is structured about.url.com, and a sub folder is structured url.com/about. This is one of the main reasons why we suggest mobile responsive sites over separate mobile-friendly sites like m.url.com. And as we’ve mentioned many times before, there’s much better SEO value for responsive sites.


  1. Implementing Secure Sites – A Google employee openly stated that the search engine is focusing on sites that use HTTPS instead of HTTP, even giving them preference in search results. If you’re a company that uses a contact form or sells products, we advise that you switch to a secure site.


  1. Convert to Mobile – My, oh my! This is still a HUGE topic. From Google My Business listings to PPC, almost every conversation at SMX focused on the importance of developing websites to cater to mobile traffic and increase conversions.


And the BIG takeaway…

Our team realized that MyAdvice is leading, not just our competition, but the search industry as a whole. Are your minds blown?! We saw other participants watching presenters with wide eyes and surprised faces, while we heard lots of what we already knew. The Digital Marketing Team at MyAdvice takes pride in the fact that we stay more than up-to-date on industry news, and our clients are reaping the rewards.


Photo courtesy of Ryan Hill. (Caption: SMX photo contest entry)

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